Monday, March 19, 2012

How to Use Paid URL Links To drive Faster Traffic

With the tight competition among web pages today, it is very important that you do everything to get an edge over other websites when it comes to acquiring massive amounts of traffic. There are a lot of techniques to lead visitors to your site. Some of them are easy strategies, while others require hard work and effort on your part. And of course you have to be very patient because regardless of what you do, the results of your hard work can't be obtained overnight. Time has to pass before you reap the fruits of your labor.

And if some strategies require perseverance, there are also others that may require you to invest a good amount of money just to generate traffic to your website. To have a regular flow of visitors, you must invest in advertising. And one form of a good advertising technique is to drive traffic through paid URL links. Paid URL links come in different forms. It could be in the form of straight up advertisements or in the form of paid inclusion to web directories.

The advantages of using both these methods are enormous. First, in the case of buying link advertisements, you will get massive traffic primarily because of the fact that these advertisements are strategically positioned on websites that are related to your site. If your website is all about cars, for example, your paid URL link will appear on other websites that are related to cars. This is the concept behind the pioneering Google ads network.

To understand paid URL's better, you need to see how Google ads work. As an advertiser, you will be purchasing keywords where your advertisement will show. Purchasing a keyword means that every time a Google search engine user types that exact keyword in the search box, your link will show either on top of the search engine results or on the sides. This will give the internet user additional options as to where they can find the things they are looking for. These paid URL's in the Google network follows a pay-per-click policy. This means advertisers only pay for the actual links or views from internet users. No click means you don't have to pay for anything. It's a win-win situation for you.

Other than your URL showing on the search engine results, your advertisement may also show on websites that publish Google ads. Google maintains two types of users. One is the advertiser, which is you, and the other is the publisher. The publisher gets ads from the advertiser's database. So if your ad were part of the network's paid advertisements, it would be placed in rotation with all the other ads. The good thing about this setup is that your ads will only show on relevant sites. If your ad or your website is about slimming teas, it won't show on a movie star website. It will only show up on weight loss websites and tea online shops.

These are how the advertisements via paid URL's work. Now there's one other way to gain traffic to your site than this. By paying to publish your URL to be included to popular paid web directories, you'll get regular traffic as well. Web directories are websites that are dedicated to keeping a list of other sites submitted to them for inclusion. These sites are filled with different sponsored URL's categorized accordingly. It works very much like the yellow pages of telephone companies. But instead of listing telephone numbers, they put the direct link to a certain website.

While you might think that investing for inclusion to these websites isn't feasible, think again. If you consider the algorithm used by search engines in determining your website's page rank, you will see that if your link shows up on a web page that enjoys high traffic and page ranking, some of it will brush off on your site. This means you have added leverage when it comes to search engine results.

This is very important because as a web master, you have to make full use of the tools and opportunities to send traffic to your site every time you can. Besides, popular web directories have a following of their own. This corresponds to the fact that a lot of people actually consult web directories if and when they want to check out something or are looking for a particular product or information. It always pays to be part of a well-trusted network or website.

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