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6 tools to attract qualified visitors to your site!

In previous articles you learned how to improve your visibility by optimizing your website and increase your number of visitors through a policy of SEO optimized and finally by bringing you to the Internet thanks to Buzz Marketing.
Now we will see six methods to increase traffic quality visitors to your site with free and paid services to other websites.
1 - Write for other sites!Writing for other sites is a great way to attract qualified visitors: not only you will not pay this, but you also have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge to an audience that is naturally interested in your products and services .
In addition to an article on a website you have visibility over the long term.
There are two types of sites that may be interested in your content: the content of sites offering close to your activity or sites offering free content.

In sites related to your business
Writing for other websites directly or indirectly related to your business is a great way to gain notoriety quickly, since you have direct access to a database of potential readers interested in your services.
Generally must offer the exchange of items for both sites are winners. To do so, just send a simple email to propose an exchange item or an exchange of visibility on your sites / newsletters respectively (see our article on 5 steps to establish a partnership).
Do not hesitate to offer its content to the leading sites in exchange for a simple signature on a paper, the race for visibility should not be your goal ...
The objective is to gain credibility and notoriety. To submit your content to your partners do not hesitate to prepare a business case and demonstrate the quality of your articles, you have a background of texts important that you make regular updates ...
Sites are more demanding than the content producers are increasingly numerous since the emergence of Blogs.
Of course, you'll say you can not write or that it's not your job ... Never mind, here are some tips to quickly create rich content and quality:- Talk just for your industry, your news, changes in your market, tips and tricks you know ... after a few years in an industry inevitably you become an expert!- Make a synthesis of several items with a whole series of links. Your article will become a reference.- Make lists: tips for ... 100, the 10 mistakes not to make the 10 secrets ...- ...
Treat the course presentation (pictures, aeration of paragraphs ...), knowing that it takes 2-3 hours to an article from one to two pages.
For images, you can use Microsoft's clipart or buy images on (0.83 € / image).
Caution: Do not launch your email campaign, we must first identify WHICH first contact and customize messages ...
For this you must identify influencers (= prescribers), and their level of influence on your customers:
- Influencers Level 1: they are in immediate contact with your clients and they are directly affected in their activity by the choice of your products or those of competitors. They will therefore encourage the client to become a brand over another.Ex: For a software accounting, accountants are influencers in Tier 1 because 1/3 of cases they are the ones that affect the choice of management software. Ex: For a drug manufacturer, physicians and pharmacists.
- Influencers Level 2: they are in touch with your customers and they are able to influence their choice, but choosing your product will have a minor impact on their business.Ex: A car manufacturer (prescriber level 2) will tend to favor one brand of engine oil over another to improve vehicle performance, but not really a product is really highly recommended. By him against the garage is important (prescriber level 1)
- Influencers Level 3: they have direct (or indirect) with your customers and they can influence the choice, but it will have no direct impact on their business.Ex: For a company selling insurance for students, the university is a prescriber level 3 because the mutual choice of no importance for the university. They are certainly a part of the chain, but they can hardly influence the choice of students.

Of course you should definitely focus on the influencers No. 1 priority, and to a lesser extent at 2, and not waste your time with influencers Level 3.
How is looking for partners?
Just use Google to locate websites and your quick launch targeted email campaign.
If possible, call your contact phone asking him if he is interested in a partnership (nb: Prepare a script calling earlier for having good arguments ...). It is so little used you are sure to score highly caller.
Against by caution: a partnership for success we must find the right person, one who has the power to establish a partnership.
This is why you can use sites linking (social networks) that allow you to contact the right person:- (eg bridge): the historical leader of social networks, with many members to contact.- the French challenger of Viadeo. This site has the disadvantage and the advantage of being entirely in English ...- the third largest network in France.- (fee): more oriented "classmates", this site is still interesting because of its huge database of contacts and many years of existence. you find a comprehensive list of networks classified by themes.
Marketing Tips: Be careful not to offer any proposals on the most impliquantes, keep them to partners who will play the game and it really keeps you from under the feet leeway.
For example was taken in several newsletters: (thanks to this site my traffic has multiplied by 2 for 3 days), (I had hundreds of visits additional one week), and (tens of visits within a few hours), ...
Extract from the newsletter
This technique offers by far the best with an excellent quality / price / time. However for this to work requires original content and quality.
Note: When you post an article on a site you leave the site right to reproduce your article it will make you free publicity.
In sites providing content.
There are sites whose activity is to provide free content.
This type of site is relatively common in the U.S. but this activity is still very uncommon in France.
Here are some addresses of sites content delivery:- Canadian site more professional.- site with a few dozen articles.- Canadian site with some articles.
And here are other sites publish free books in PDF (ebook) ...This is the place to publish your articles, white papers, free guides ...The U.S. leader, with some French documents is
There are other sites but less very few books and ergonomics a bit "simple" very few books and more general English with only powerpoint sharing.
Nb: There are also sites selling content, the two most famous being: and But the interest is more limited because you generally can not leave your signature in the article ...
If you published the "real" books you can also use the Google Books service that allows to upload your book (in whole or in excerpts), but for that you must have an ISBN (the equivalent of barcode but for books), which excluded all the PDF books (ebooks) ...
Nb: to publish your articles do not forget the forums (eg sites or online training as (great site!), Video sites http: / / ...
Marketing Board: Generally you are quoted as the author with a link and a small introductory message, it is necessary to write this message as a mini advertising that makes you want the reader to learn more about your site.

2 - Join a network banner exchange advertising! This is one of the cheapest tools, one of the fastest to implement ... but yet it is a little tool used by many websites ...
Of course you can manually proposals for exchange of visibility by identifying sites with approximately the same number of visitors that you offer and exchange of cross-visibility (with a limit to X page views ...).
But it is difficult to manage given the problems of counting pageviews, and especially of "industrialization" process.
That is why it is best to register for one of the many networks of exchange of banners.
The banner exchange advertising a relatively efficient (especially inexpensive) to attract visitors to your site.
To make your banner ad you must follow the standard formats of the Web, the best known is the band with a size of 468 x 60 pixels.
For sites registered against this kind of services are aimed mostly to individuals, and the ads you display on your site are not necessarily high quality ... There are many ads for dating sites, jokes, online games ... and therefore they can harm your brand.
Always favor the exchange services that offer banners to display as banners of a certain category not to destroy your brand.
Do not forget to make a direct link to a specific page of your site (a "landing page") which will include the proposed special offer to visitors and which will encourage immediate action (leave his email, receive a free ebook, ordering ...).
I advise you not to try to sell directly, but to make a sale in two stages: offer a gift (ebook, gift voucher ...) which will allow you to obtain maximum contact and only then you the boost (email, phone ...) to propose a commercial offer.
Personally I tested the link exchange on one of my sites for individuals, and I had a return rate relatively interesting (0.37%) with an offer for a free book to download. Below the statistics of the campaign:

Note that the banner exchange sites usually offer free displays when registering (ratio 1 banner displayed at home for a display at the partner), but after this is usually a ratio of 1 2.
Here are some sites that offer links exchange programs: a site that offers many pro quality banners with known sites, and in many formats a site which offers many services (surveys, banner exchange ...), but the pub exchanged are sometimes very average. It is also regrettable that they only provide a format pub (the band). a site banner exchange very classic, with visibility bonus if you refer to other sites. it allows the exchange of banners, but a little too "amateur" (section Sites "adult", few occupational categories ...).
Other sites banner (currently down for maintenance ...) (currently under maintenance) (paying ...) / (sharing buttons) This site offers you to add a "pop under" (browser that automatically appears when your visitors leave your site)
Note: pop-ups are not recommended because they are blocked by most browsers and pop-unders (web page below your main page) because it is too intrusive and proposed sites are generally of poor quality.
To make your banner advertising here are some tools ...
It is best to use a specially designed software to make banner ads, and so here are two shareware particularly simple and practical:- Ulead Gif Animator (, the historical leader, simple and practical (note: images are a bit heavy!).Microsoft Gif-animator (MS Gif animator), most basic but effective.
You can also simply a fixed banner ad (= a single image. Gif format 468 x 60 pixels) with your slogan and a "click here".
Sometimes a still image with a simple message is more effective than an animated heavy and unreadable.
Here also following a very complete tutorial that explains how to make a banner ad (too bad the picture is in 400 x 60!):
If you really do not want to put the hands on, here are some sites that offer models of banner ads, but the result is often very average ... so be careful in your image! (in English, with some models of banners) (one hundred banners in English medium quality) (choose from a few banners)

3 - Set up an affiliate program!
Membership is set up a network of partner sites that will advertise for you in exchange for a fee on sales, or clicks on entries to your newsletter.
The interest is to have very quickly a large advertising presence without spending much money: you pay to the results provided and you can refuse to pay the fraudsters.
The major benefit of membership is knowing exactly how much will cost the campaign before its launch (instead of buying keywords where anything can slip if Google is allowed to pack ..).
Membership is based on affiliate sites that broadcast advertising of a affiliator (banner ads, email campaigns, link ...), in exchange for which he receives a percentage of sales or a fixed amount per sale or a particular amount for a subscription to a newsletter .... This amount (which must be attractive) is of course defined by the affiliating.
A company can implement its own affiliate program and manage the A to Z, or go through the affiliate networks that are responsible for managing the logistics (setting up, sending the regulations, animation ...) but the bulk interest of an affiliate site is its database of thousands of affiliate sites ready for your pub ...
Affiliation platforms
Membership allows for:1 to 1 very fast referencing thousands of sites for almost nothing, for the payment of the commission is done only at a sale.2 - A conversion rate of a good click, the person who clicked generally being really interested (unlike Adsense where the CTR is important fraudsters).
Moreover affiliation with the company is assured of:- A good command of con cost of recruitment (eg 5% is given on sales to the affiliate).- Visibility control: the band, emailings ... are made by the company and are therefore qualities and is current.- Good visibility on the sites: it's the whole point of affiliate advertising showcase of its affiliating.- From free advertising: as long as there is no purchase on the site of an affiliate, it costs nothing (nb: this is the principle of the Long Tail where many small sites with little hearing may end up giving a large visibility).- A relatively precise targeting: the affiliate will not on its website and advertisements in connection with its content and profile of its visitors.- Clients put trust: indeed the affiliate is the matchmaker that gives a little of his reputation when he puts an ad on its site.
By cons have to be careful to consider in your purchase price not only the first purchase, but subsequent purchases (nb: according to affiliation agreements you can set it for the first purchase ... at the risk of 'cause discontent on the part of your affiliates!). I
t is interesting to note that the Pareto law is still valid for affiliation: 80% of affiliates generate 20% of sales (generally all blogs and personal sites), and 80% of turnover is generated by 20% affiliates (primarily content sites (eg, the brand sites (eg Alapage manages the store brand white, community sites, buying guides (, Shopping. com,,,, ...).
A lot of work for afflilieur will be to identify those sites that generate the majority of sales (search on google, forum shopping sites ...), and implement them with specific actions to develop sales.
The key to successful affiliation are:- Animate the affiliates: send information on your new products, a newsletter, new banner ad ... to better sell your products.- Make incentives to boost your campaigns.- Always recruiting new affiliates because many sites are closing or have a very limited audience. Also an affiliate who does not receive anything quickly stop a campaign to put another on its site.- We must accept it will take time to build a good network of affiliates, because most often it is word of mouth that allows you to increase your affiliate.- We must make available to its affiliates advertising media, but also aid to set up your pubs (FAQs, tutorials ...) because there are many who do not have enough computer skills to simply add an image on their site. - Need dedicated people to manage an affiliate network (answering emails, looking for potentially interesting sites ...). For example in is 2 people and trainees who are entrusted with this mission.- Need to promote your affiliate program to your customers on your website ...
Of course for relief from all the administrative, it is recommended to go through an affiliate network, the main ones:- 1st Department- Commission Junction- ...
Interestingly, it seems that the most interesting members are registered on multiple platforms, and therefore we should not place undue reliance on sites that advertise a number of members more important than others ...
More attention to the fixed costs of setting up campaigns and 30% of payments to members who are perceived by the affiliate network. The only major problem with membership remaining the low number of leads generated by this system (membership is built over time).
In addition to this conference are the limits observed:- A affililié that does not make money with your campaign will be deleted after a few weeks.- The affiliators must provide at least five different bonds with texts, and at least five sample images to fit all types of websites (468x60 banner, button, sticker, skyscrapers, mini box ...).- The products offered by affiliators are mostly products for individuals, often low-end ... and thus the quality sites are often put off by the membership.- To reduce the administrative work, some affiliate networks offer affiliator to select sites on which it accepts or not to make his pub.- The animation of the network is essential, and therefore good affiliators send regular (weekly) of new specials to highlight.
How to easily test the affiliation?
Simply by making a simple banner ad with a discount code specific.
Then offering a few sites in your area to view advertising on their sites. Once the campaign he'll just do the accounting turnover generated by the operation code, and calculate the amount of commissions payable.
If the test is successful, you can move to second phase by implementing a real affiliate program!
Here are some links to learn more:-

Set yourself up your affiliate system
In this case you manage the entire process from A to Z: Making commercials for websites, creation of the affiliation agreement, research and lobbying affiliate sites, answers to technical, sales statistics, payment of membership ...
This solution is ideal if you have a few tens of affiliates or if you want to test before the membership put in place large scale.
Indeed the implementation is done simply via a promotional code assigned to each site, and sales statistics at the end of month (same for the newsletter simply enter a sponsor code or use different forms depending on the site ).
By cons you need to provide your affiliates up support tools for sale, and especially many ad formats: text, banner, square, skyscrapers ... V
ou can also set up your own affiliate program using an affiliate software.
The best known (€ 87, € 175 HT soon) ($ 99 HT)
To learn more about these programs visit the quick guide (13 pages) Stephanie Hetu: "Getting Started in Affiliate program".
Make the coregistration
This technique is very similar to the cross-membership: each time a customer signs up at home you propose to receive the newsletter along with your partner ... and your partner does the same. Of course for this to work well means valuing the interest to subscribe to the newsletter of your partner (gifts, bonuses ...), that the interests are similar and that the entries are numerous!

4 - Advertise through sponsored links!
If 70% of visitors come from natural search, there are still 30% coming through sponsored links.
So there is a potential to be exploited, provided you follow some basic rules.
First you pay per click as it is essential to define how you relate a client (on all his life), and in view of that, how you want to pay to acquire a new customer. You must define an ROI (Return On Investment) bearable for the company.

To compare that to your current acquisition costs simply do the following calculation:((New customers NA CA) - (Costs commercial actions of N-1)) / Nb new customers acquired.
For example if a customer earns you € 200 margin on all his life, and you know that approximately 1% of "clickers" buy your products, and the cost of a click on an ad on google would be a €, your return will be: 200 € - (€ 100 x 1) = 100 € margin remaining for each new customer acquired.
You can estimate the number of queries per month each keyword with the following services:- Google Adwords Keyword tools- Miva Keyword Generator- Overture
To improve the profitability of your advertising (and avoid the prospect clicks cold) it is best to target its advertising to ensure a degree of conversion in high command.
For this you must:- Choose specific keywords (2 or 3 words or more) for which your ads are displayed, allowing you to better target and do not display your ads for nothing. In particular, avoid general keywords (eg "car" alone for a garage ...), then mix or general keywords with specific keywords (eg rental car reindeer).- Target your customers regionally (instead of a national display).- Show clearly in your advertising triggers sales (eg price, geographical location ...) so as not to attract "price hunters" whose budgets are too low for you.- Agree to be in 2nd or 3rd position and not necessarily first because the price difference can reach 50% surcharge.- Put in place home pages (landing pages) for these specific bids to reassure the client and the push to buy.- Working your ad to make a google advertising slogan irresistible (possibly by testing the two-time sales as explained above). However do not just make more ads and more ads, possibly related to the keywords used. Be sure to put the keywords as triggers in the ad, you will get a better click rate.- Testing of new taglines ever (with the name of your brand, without your brand, with the benefit customer with the customer's problem highlighted ...).- Analyze your ROI and try not to get drawn into a bidding war with your competitors.- Do not interrupt your ad campaign or risk losing your position in the ranking of the ads displayed.-- ...
The leader remains (80% share of market share), but there are other advertising programs:Yahoo Marketing- Microsoft Adcenter
Warning: Google offers Adwords (ads in the search engine) and Adsense (advertising on private websites). Experience shows that the Adwords ads have a much better rate of occurrence, so initially prefer Google Adwords.
Here are some sites that will give you additional information on Adwords:- A Guide to PDF Adword (English)- Blog of Arkantos-Consulting. Com
5 - Show you the comparators Price (shopbots)
If you have a commercial site is a must to let you know on the net.

The advantage of price comparison is a very strong reputation qualified (that are potential buyers), and the weak point is the high cost of customer acquisition ...
There are three types of price comparison sites:- GPs provide a wide range of products.- Experts who specialize in one type of product.- The price comparison sites that offer advice and more customers.
The undisputed leader of price comparison is Kelkoo, but unless you have a large budget or products you are not insured to appear in the top positions.
The business model of these sites might not seem very interesting (pay per click on your products, or more rarely a% on turnover), but it can quickly be very expensive if your offer is not successful or if hidden costs or poor ergonomics are giving prospects to order ...
Also the biggest price comparison (Kelkoo ...) establish an auction system to visibility: you pay a lot more customers the click, you are placed over the top ...
Therefore unless you are a juggernaut of e-commerce with a huge budget we recommend you focus on price comparison sites or with less specialized merchants to be guaranteed to be in good position (eg, ...).
Of course to be assured of being seen it is essential to offer some products in the categories of calls specials search engines or offer codes.
According to current studies, nearly 50% of Internet users compare prices on the internet before buying.

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