Monday, April 30, 2012

Does the copywriting can help you increase your income with Adsense?

a question I ask in the title is a paradox in its own right.
Indeed, by definition, copywriting is a discipline that is used to make people act. And in this case, the act to accomplish your visitors are clicking on an Adsense ad that is on your site.
Problem: Google expressly states in its rules that it is not allowed to tell people to click on ads, much less to force them to do so.
So ... How do I make more click on his ads anyway thanks to copywriting?
This is what I intend to explain in this article, to follow the subject of Christmas Day Calendar Marketing, Adsense, which is precisely at the initiative of Stephanie Hetu, a specialist in the field, which gives us 6 tips to increase your Adsense revenue.

The principle of Adsense
This is a way to make money online easy enough. I use the word "easy" to good effect.
Indeed, the principle is so simple to understand that a 10 year old would know how it works.
It takes 4 steps:
1. It has a website2. We put Adsense ads on it3. People click on it,4. You win a few cents per clickNote Step 1: Have A WEBSITE
I have not spoken to a blog in the sense "audience development tool."
That's a good reason, and you'll understand why.
In every activity of monetization, we must have a specific purpose. And a single.
When you sell a product, the sole objective is the sale of this product.
When you make the Adsense, the sole objective is the click on the ad.
It follows that the site will be built around MUST EXPRESS for that.
On a blog, there are plenty of goals.
Comment, subscribe, download, click ... These actions will be hijackers attention if you want to make Adsense successfully.
So I will now explain how to get help copywriting.
My experience with Adsense
I seldom mention. But hey, as is the topic today, so much to show you some figures, history that you know that I speak from experience causes.
My experience began in 2012 Adsense. At the time, it was paradise, and it was easy to make money with this way without doing much.
But as time progressed, it became more difficult. The regulations were tightened, people started to click less than before, and advertisers to pay less as well.

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