Monday, April 30, 2012

Learn how to receive $ 100 per day from Google ... would you be interested?

Tip # 1: Choosing the right keywordsBefore creating your site, make sure to choose a topic that has strong potential for Adsense revenue. Otherwise, the result will be much harder for nothing! A subject that has a low potential for revenue per click will ask you a tremendous amount of traffic to generate significant income. In doing your homework before you create the site, you can put the odds in your favor.
Tip # 2: Target a single topic on your siteYes, it is possible to generate income with Adsense site that deals with multiple subjects, but if you want maximum control over Adsense earnings, it is preferable to target a single topic on your site. Adsense ads there will be generally much more focused.Tip # 3: Add content regularlyIncrease your Adsense revenue does not happen without work! It should ideally add fresh content on its site each week, and several times a week if you have time. The more your site will grow, your traffic will grow more and more your Adsense income will be positive!Tip # 4: Choose the right ad format AdsenseThe most popular sizes are:336 × 280 (wide rectangle)300 × 250 (medium rectangle)160 × 600 (Wide Skyscraper)Start by testing these formats to your site. Then, if they do not work well for you, be creative and try other formats!Tip # 5: Test images versus textYou can only publish Adsense ads as images (banners), only in text format, or an alternation of the two. It is best to test only the text to start. And then test the image format for a while and see which one earns you the most.Tip # 6: Limit the number of ad units per pageContrary to what one might think, when we publish too many ad blocks on one page, it usually decreases the revenue per click! As the sale of ads is in the form of auction, the revenue per click will not be the same for each ad. Often, the first adverts are high pay, and the latest pay only pennies. It is therefore preferable to limit the number of ad blocks.

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